Loksan Harley is a multilingual (English, French, Chinese, Spanish) independent migration expert. He has extensive experience in research, policy analysis, project management, and technical assistance in Europe, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific, working with governments, regional and international organisations, NGOs, and the private sector. He has a passion for doing highly analytical work and connecting people in order to improve lives in different communities.


  • Currently serving clients worldwide from the UK (East Sussex). 

  • Lived and worked in the UK, Canada, Belgium, Burkina Faso, China, and India, with project experience in around 25 countries.

  • Fluent in French, Chinese, and Spanish

  • Works most on migration, diaspora engagement, and China-Africa relations.

  • Works most across the African continent, as well as in Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Previous clients:



  • Strong consultancy experience: passionately serving a range of clients since 2014. A wealth of experience in designing and managing consulting projects, and working from distance with clients worldwide.

  • Highly analytical: strong track record in delivering action-orientated research.

  • Experience with high-level clients: contracted by senior UN officers at headquarters and field-office level, and worked with senior civil servants from numerous governments.

  • Published widely: excellent English writing skills, honed from writing UN and think tank publications, as well as freelance writing for The Guardian and The Sunday Times.

  • International experience:
    consultancy experience spans continents and language.




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