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The Migration & Diaspora Podcast: 2020 Christmas & New Year Listening List

Here at the Migration & Diaspora Podcast, we're supposed to be taking a Christmas break from recording and publishing new episodes.

But I couldn't send you all off on your Christmas and new year holidays without recommending some listening material.

So here is the full catalogue of the Migration & Diaspora Podcast thus far, categorised by theme:

Migration & development

#4: Critical next steps to achieving migrant remittances SDG Target 10.C - a conversation with Leon Isaacs ("Mr Remittances")

#10: How to integrate migration into international cooperation and development

Diaspora engagement

#2: "Doing diaspora" - lessons learned from Dr Martin Russell's diaspora engagement work worldwide

#9: How to maximise the potential of diaspora investment

#12: How to engage diasporas in humanitarian assistance

Trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants

#3: Studying trafficking in persons in South Sudan - our findings and lessons learned along the way

#11: How to use ICT to fight human trafficking and labour exploitation

#13: The 20th birthday of the UN protocols on trafficking in persons and smuggling of migrants - cause for celebration?

Children on-the-move

#5: Children on the move in West and Central Africa - Context, vulnerabilities, and protection needs

Migration and communications

#6: Migration and strategic communications - can and should we try and influence migration decisions?

Regional focus

#1: Discussing China-Africa migration with Hannah Ryder and Development Reimagined

#7: The new EU Migration Pact - the definitive briefing with Timo from MPI Europe

#8: Caribbean migration in 2020 - intra/CARICOM and extra-regional trends, and the impact of the Venezuelan crisis

Merry Christmas and a happy new year to all! Thanks for tuning in and we'll be back in the new year with new content!

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